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Mô Tả Công Việc

• Evaluate effectiveness of proposed models and track business performance KPIs against data model.

• Drive application of machine learning and big data techniques across different journeys and squads.

• Manage, execute, and review complex data science projects in an agile manner and in compliance with internal regulatory requirements.

• Lead the identification and interpretation of meaningful and actionable insights from large data and metadata sources together with business partners.

• Review processes and tools designed to monitor and analyze model performance and prediction accuracy.

• Proactively lead discussions in 3+ squads to identify questions and issues for data science

• Collaborate with Data Engineers & ML Engineer to build complex, technical algorithms in data analytics software applications to improve work efficiency.

• Manage project conflicts, challenges and dynamic business requirements to keep operations running at high performance.

• Work with team leads to resolve people problems and project roadblocks, conduct post mortem and root cause analysis to help squads continuously improve their practices to ensure maximum productivity.

• Mentor and coach junior fellows into fully competent Data Scientists.

• Identify and encourage areas for growth and improvement within the team.

Yêu Cầu Công Việc

- Master's degree (or higher) in Statistics, Mathematics, Quantitative Analysis, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology or other Numerical Disciplines. Ph.D. degree in the field is a plus.

- Experience in querying databases, coding and statistical computer languages (e.g. Python, Scala, Java, SQL)

- 4-8 years of relevant experience in areas of data analytics, model development on large amount of data, implementing and deploying various statistical, machine learning & deep learning models such as: Simulation, GLM/Regression, Classification, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Gradient Boosted Trees, Neural Networks, Text Mining, Graph Learning, Social Network Analysis, etc.

- Experience with data processing, statistics, machine learning and deep learning tools: Numpy, Pandas, Statsmodels, Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, etc.

- Experience with distributed data/computing tools: HDFS, Hive, Presto, PySpark, etc.

- Experience with visualizing/presenting data for stakeholders using: D3.js, ggplot, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, etc.

- Experience with cloud services (AWS, GCP, Azure)

- Experience in application of machine learning and AI to questions related to the financial sector

- Experience in providing fact-based insights to drive decision-making and help senior management and other stakeholders realize enterprise value at scale

- English proficiency requirements are pursuant to MSB's policy

- Experience with communicating complex analysis and models across a diverse team

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills for coordinating across teams

- Understanding of Agile principles, practices and Scrum methodologies

- Experience working in Agile teams to support digital transformation projects


1, Attractive salary and bonus:

• Competitive salary compared to the market and commensurate with ability, will be negotiated when candidates pass the Interview round.

• Attractive incentive/KPI and commission, paid monthly, unlimited income (for sales positions). Year-end performance bonus from 2 to 5 months of average annual salary, depending on the evaluation results.

2, Comprehensive welfare policy:

• Insurance according to legal regulations and separate life insurance for MSB staff. Diverse welfare regimes: flexible working hours, vacation, birthday leave, school year opening leave for children,...

• Loan program with preferential interest rates for employees.

3, Training and promotion:

• Intensive, systematic training program in the direction of transformation (Re_skill, Up_skill, New_skill), edited according to each group of job positions.

• Be guided and mentored by leaders, direct managers and industry experts.

• Management development program for potential employees, helping them prepare for future management and leadership positions.

• Priority is given to recruiting managers from internal staff, creating promotion opportunities for employees.

4, Professional working environment and dynamic corporate culture:

• Comfortable, friendly, promoting responsibility and mutual support.

• Dynamic, creative, encouraging innovation and continuous learning.

• Respecting differences, promoting teamwork and effective cooperation.

• Many exciting cultural, sports and entertainment activities, creating a cohesive and fun working environment. For many consecutive years, HR Asia has honored us as "Best Place to Work in Asia" and Anphabe has honored us as "Enterprise with Happy Human Resources".

Việc Làm Tương Tự

Chức Danh Nơi làm việc Lương Ngày Hết Hạn

Giám đốc quản lý sản phẩm (PO - Loyalty) - MSB DF - 1P453

Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội Lương: Lương thỏa thuận Ngày Hết Hạn: 09/10/2024

CVCC Quản trị Hạ tầng Mạng & Bảo mật - MSB - KCN - 3I083

Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội Lương: Lương thỏa thuận Ngày Hết Hạn: 27/08/2024

Chuyên viên chính Hỗ trợ Service Desk - MSB - KCN - 3I084

Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội Lương: Lương thỏa thuận Ngày Hết Hạn: 27/08/2024

Chuyên viên cao cấp Nền tảng Dữ liệu phân tích - MSB - DT - 1M452

Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội Lương: 35 Tr - 40 Tr VNĐ Ngày Hết Hạn: 18/10/2024

Cộng tác viên Quản lý Chuyển đổi Số - MSB DF - 1M451

Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội Lương: Tr - 6 Tr VNĐ Ngày Hết Hạn: 27/08/2024

Cộng tác viên Đại diện Đơn vị nghiệp vụ - Usecase MOA - MSB DF - 1M450

Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội Lương: Tr - 6 Tr VNĐ Ngày Hết Hạn: 27/08/2024

Data Analyst - TNEX Finance - 3H130

Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội Lương: Cạnh Tranh Ngày Hết Hạn: 12/09/2024

Chuyên viên cao cấp Quản trị cơ sở dữ liệu rủi ro - QLRR - MSB - 1P472

Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội Lương: Lương thỏa thuận Ngày Hết Hạn: 19/08/2024

Giám đốc Quan hệ Khách hàng doanh nghiệp lớn - EB - MSB - 1P471

Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội Lương: Lương thỏa thuận Ngày Hết Hạn: 19/08/2024

Chuyên viên Phát triển Khách hàng giao dịch ngoại tệ và phái sinh - FI - MSB - 1P470

Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội Lương: Lương thỏa thuận Ngày Hết Hạn: 19/08/2024


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